Guided Adventures

Wild Camps and Ridge Rocking On The Snowdon Range

Adventure Type:
Mountain Mashing
Snowdonia, North Wales
Approx. 20-24 hours
Start Time:
Late Afternoon
Finish Time:
Afternoon (Day 2)
Wild Camping:
Group Size:

1 Person:
2 People:
£150 per person
3 People:
£120 per person
4 People:
£100 per person

Spend a night on Snowdon before hitting as many ridges and scrambles as you can handle!

What To Expect
Have you ever wanted to climb half way up a mountain before sleeping under the stars on its slopes but you're not sure that you're confident enough to do it by yourself?

If you and some friends would like to experience wild camping and then the next day climb Snowdon via some of the harder tracks (for example, Crib Goch, Gribin or Lliwedd's edge) without having to worry about the planning and navigation, and you'd like to have an expert lead the way and make sure that you stay safe, then this is the adventure for you.

Based on what you'd like to achieve and on your fitness levels I'll design a route which gets you up on the ridges and away from the crowds. If everything goes to plan then at the end of the second day you'll be back at the bottom knackered and buzzing from the climbs.

Routes will be flexible and can be changed or adapted based on the weather so you can rest assured that whatever the conditions, we'll choose the most sensible options.

How Long Will We Be Out For?
We will aim to start in the late afternoon (a few hours before sunset) and be out for around 20-24 hours, depending on the route, weather and how people are feeling.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?
This package involves a fair amount of scrambling. The scrambling will be slow and steady but you'll need a reasonable level of fitness in order to make the most of the day. Previous scrambling experience is advised but not essential as routes will be designed around your abilities. There will be plenty of breaks for people to rest and refuel.

You will also be carrying your sleeping kit, which will be at the least a sleeping bag and tent/part of a tent (if sharing) or a bivvy bag. This kit will be carried for the entirety of the next day when scrambling and climbing, so having some experience of carrying a backpack that's heavier than a normal day pack is advised.
Essential Kit
• Full waterproofs (jacket with a hood, and trousers)
• A tent or a bivvy bag!*
• A warm, lightweight sleeping bag*
• A sleeping mat for insulation*
• Head torch and spare batteries
• Walking boots that you've worn before
• Proper walking socks x2 pairs
• A backpack (around 40-50L)
• Hat and gloves
• A spare warm top (e.g. a fleece) in a plastic (waterproof) bag
• At least 2L of water
• Enough food for 3 meals
• Snacks (chocolate bars, sweets, nuts etc)
• A plastic bag for litter
• Cash for the bus and the summit cafe (if you want)!

*If you don't have your own sleeping kit then let me know way in advance so that I can try and sort you out with some or at least advise you on what to get.
Recommended Kit
• Camera
• Fully charged phone
• Spare plastic bags
• Survival bag (good for sitting on)
If you like the thought of doing "Wild Camps and Ridge Rocking On The Snowdon Range" or you have any questions about it then get in contact with me today! dave@iambravedave.com.

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