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Wild Camping On An Icy Crib Goch

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18:44 - 13th Apr 2017
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21:17 - 16th May 2017

After not having been on the mountains for a few months I finally managed to get out there and decided to do my now-annual Crib Goch wild camp. I'd planned to climb up in the late afternoon but thanks to some absolutely awful traffic problems I was over 2 hours late. This meant that I had to climb up Crib Goch's north ridge in the dark.

There was also a good solid amount of snow and ice up there which made things a bit more interesting. Once I reached the usual spot where I like to sleep I found that it was totally buried in snow and ice. Fortunately I improvised and things turned out okay.

I then spent the day on and around Snowdon, climbing down Gribin, but not before bumping into a couple of people who recognised me from YouTube :) Shout out to Haydn and Fiona from Birmingham!

22:57 - 20th Apr 2017
I'm going up crib goch for the first time Saturday not wild camping but I can't wait
21:17 - 16th May 2017
I know it was almost a month ago but I hope the weather was okay for you, Harvey! Did you see the cliff edge where I slept?
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Date: 31st March 2017
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