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Whiteout on Snowdon

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17:44 - 19th Jan 2017
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0:03 - 27th Jan 2017

I led a couple of friends up and around Snowdon through some pretty interesting weather. We enjoyed total whiteouts, blistering wind, dodgy ridges and icy scrambles, after which we camped in a freezing bog by the lake. Everything got wet and I managed about 20 minutes of sleep. Don't be too jealous!

We hiked up to Crib Goch but decided not to climb it due to the wind and the ice and the fact that we were carrying 10-15kg backpacks.

This hike wasn't about the views (there were none). It was about getting some winter mountain experience and using spikes and ice axes. We also made use of a sling that we'd brought with us. The sling was a very useful and lightweight piece of kit which I am going to pack as standard from now on, whatever the conditions.
13:23 - 26th Jan 2017
Fantastic vid displaying the true nature of winter in the mountains. Never ceases to amaze me at the muppetry of some folk. i.e. the denim clad tourists. Even when fully kitted with a huge amount of skill the mountains in these conditions can be very scary places. Can't believe they didn't turn back about 2000 feet of mountain earlier. Every credit to you, I am jealous of most of it though not the delightful nights kip you didn't have ha! Move vids please x
0:03 - 27th Jan 2017
Thanks, Esme! Yeah, it was a bit surreal walking past these people with casual clothes on. Like you hear about people climbing mountains in totally inappropriate gear but when you actually see it first hand it doesn't seem real, especially after the ridge we'd crossed and the blasting we'd had along the way.

Some people would have full winter gear, crampons, axes, ski goggles... and then there'd be a couple with jeans and trainers and a little backpack that you'd use to carry books to school or something. I'm not one to exaggerate but when we were coming down the Pyg, at the top where it's really steep, and the snow was packed down hard into ice I really was expecting to see the two guys ahead of us have some sort of accident. I'm being completely serious when I say that one of them was wearing loafers, like these!

The way the side of the mountain was iced over, if he'd started to slide he wouldn't have stopped. There's be literally no way of stopping himself. Madness!
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Date: 17th January 2017
Buddies: Jonathan, Tristan
Countries: Wales
Areas: Snowdonia
Video Length: 10-15 Minutes
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