Guided Adventures

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This is where I keep all of my adventure videos and things like that. You can watch them if you want.
Here are some adventures, big and small.
Bumbling Along Aonach Eagach: The UK's Narrowest Ridge
Smashing The 3 Sisters: Wild Camping In Glencoe, Scotland
My Speed Run Up and Down Tryfan
Wild Camping On An Icy Crib Goch
Whiteout on Snowdon
Brave Dave's Big Fat Freight Hop - Crossing Canada 2016
My Snowdon Horseshoe Speed Run
Terrific Tryfan with an Injured Eva
25 Hours On Snowdon
Hey, let me share some knowledge with you. For free! 'Cos I'm such a nice guy.
My Favourite Hobos
Brave Dave's Guide To The Welsh 3000s
My (Incomplete) Guide To Running The Yorkshire 3 Peaks
Videos and articles which don't really fit anywhere else.
Watching A Speeding Freight Train Fly By
Brave Dave's Hat and the Circle of Life
Help Me Make Another Freight Train Adventure Video
Dropping Litter On Snowdon
Brave Dave and Aussie Ollie
Let's Talk About Freight Hopping!
Saving Lives On Scafell Pike
Recognised On Snowdon
Death Chimney (Extreme Jenga) Revisited


My Most Recent Videos
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