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Happy Hikers

I've led a number of people around Snowdon and, I'm pleased to say, with a 100% survival rate. So I must be doing something right!

"With the help of Dave we got to experience Snowdon and even with the fog and rain we had an amazing time with stunning views of Snowdonia! Dave made us feel safe and enjoy a trip that could have been impacted by the weather conditions, especially as neither of us have ever climbed a mountain before. With Dave’s guidance, we got to experience everything Snowdon had to offer including Crib Goch which was as exhilarating as it was frightening, and was only possible with Dave’s calm and humorous guidance. Dave was the perfect guide with his positive attitude managing to uplift us in the 11-hour hike when the weather only preceded to get worse"

- Tony and Joe (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

"We are both reasonably fit and active people who love outdoor activities including kayaking, surfing and hiking. We enjoy our hikes but for some time have wanted to take on a bigger challenge. Crib Goch became that very challenge after watching Brave Dave's videos on YouTube. Intimidated by the prospect of taking on this Welsh beast, we asked asked Dave to be our guide (mainly because of our lack of experience, confidence and nervousness at taking on such a big challenge).

From the very start of the day Dave was full of life, enthusiasm, encouragement and motivation. We set out on our hike and before long we were scrambling up steep terrain as the mountain eerily loomed over us from the mist and low lying cloud above. Dave is an incredibly fit individual who could easily outpace us in this terrain but he was patient and moved at our pace throughout. We never felt under pressure but always felt safe.

As we climbed higher and higher we were met by the first big challenge of the day. This was a moment where we were both truly out of our comfort zones: the north ridge of Crib Goch. This was by far the biggest physical challenge of both our lives. We had every confidence in Dave as our guide. He worked with us individually as we moved slowly up and along the north ridge in challenging conditions. Reaching the top was such an achievement.

Next came the very reason we were out with Brave Dave- taking on Crib Goch itself. In wet, blustery conditions with poor visibility, we moved gingerly along Crib Goch sometimes on all fours. Traversing from rock to rock - up and down and along the rock. Upon reaching the other side the enomormity of what we’d just achieved hit us. This was a massive achievement for two people who have to work at this physical stuff and for whom it doesn’t come naturally.

Dave is a legend. We felt safe with Dave throughout the day. He encouraged us every step of the way and constantly supported us. We really want to do this again and would not hesitate in asking Dave."

- Mark and Rachel (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

"Brave Dave, a true gentleman explorer! Having only been on Snowdon once before, twenty years ago, I hired Dave to show me some of the more technical and lesser known routes around the Snowdon horseshoe.

Dave’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the Snowden range meant that from the initial ascent to our wild camp bivy beneath Crib Goch’s north ridge we had the whole mountain to ourselves. And an early start the next morning meant we caught one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

Dave is a great communicator, from pre-planning to our initial meeting Dave kept me informed making sure everything ran smoothly, from gauging my fitness and planning routes accordingly, ensuring I had the necessary kit with me to arranging when and where we could meet up and ensuring a full contingency plan should the weather not be in our favour. All this meant I had full confidence in Dave leading me off into the mist, or up a cliff with a hundred hundred metre drop to the side. I knew he knew where we were heading and I didn’t have to think twice about it.

All told I had a great twenty hours camping, hiking, scrambling and rambling and I cannot wait for my return to this beautiful, exciting and fun mountain range."

- James (Adventure: Wild Camp And Ridges)

"I would have never ever climbed Crib Goch if Dave hadn't been leading me, especially the route we took. It was amazing and although I was scared on parts (especially the scrambling on the North Ridge) Dave made sure I was safe. We hardly saw any other people either which made it even better!"
- Eva (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

"Dave led us up Snowdon through some quite severe weather, and a lot of ice and snow. There were some pretty scary sections but Dave made sure we got through them safely and kept us on the route, even in a complete white out"
- JD (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

"Mr Brave Dave led four of us around the Snowdon Horseshoe. I'd only climbed the Pyg Track once before and never Crib Goch. Lots of it was in thick mist which would have been pretty scary if we hadn't had a leader. Everyone had an excellent time and Dave even gave us a lift home (to Bangor) afterwards"
- Amandine (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

"I'd never been to Snowdonia before and Dave took me round the Snowdon Horseshoe. It was Winter but fortunately there wasn't any ice on Crib Goch so we were able to do it safely. There was plenty of snow and ice near the top of Snowdon and there were no other people. It was a really fantastic day! I'd recommend to anyone Dave as a leader"
- Anya (Adventure: The Big Day Out)

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