Guided Adventures

Happy Hikers

I've led a number of people around Snowdon and, I'm pleased to say, with a 100% survival rate. So I must be doing something right!

"I would have never ever climbed Crib Goch if Dave hadn't been leading me, especially the route we took. It was amazing and although I was scared on parts (especially the scrambling on the North Ridge) Dave made sure I was safe. We hardly saw any other people either which made it even better!"
- Eva

"Dave led us up Snowdon through some quite severe weather, and a lot of ice and snow. There were some pretty scary sections but Dave made sure we got through them safely and kept us on the route, even in a complete white out"
- JD

"Mr Brave Dave led four of us around the Snowdon Horseshoe. I'd only climbed the Pyg Track once before and never Crib Goch. Lots of it was in thick mist which would have been pretty scary if we hadn't had a leader. Everyone had an excellent time and Dave even gave us a lift home (to Bangor) afterwards"
- Amandine

"I'd never been to Snowdonia before and Dave took me round the Snowdon Horseshoe. It was Winter but fortunately there wasn't any ice on Crib Goch so we were able to do it safely. There was plenty of snow and ice near the top of Snowdon and there were no other people. It was a really fantastic day! I'd recommend to anyone Dave as a leader"
- Anya

If you want to get in touch with me then you could join the forums and send me a Private Message. Or you could go to my Facebook page and send me a message. Or you could email me on dave@iambravedave.com. However you want. It's up to you. I don't even mind. I'm really chilled out like that, you see.