Guided Adventures

How It Works

I want you to have the best possible time on Snowdon, whatever the weather. This is how we'll make that happen.

Mountain smiles are the best smiles!

Get In Touch!

Firstly you need to contact me (dave@iambravedave.com) and let me know what sort of adventure you're after, and how many of you there will be. Browse through some of my adventure blueprints here.

I can then answer all your questions (as well as find out the info I need from you). Once we've confirmed all the details then you pay via bank transfer and it's as good as booked! We'll work out the best place to meet (probably Llanberis as it has phone reception) and how you're going to get there.

In the lead up to the day I'll be in touch to make sure everything is set to go and that you have all essential kit.

Whatever The Weather

Once we've agreed on a date we'll almost certainly stick to it. This means that if the weather is forecast to be bad we will just have to grin and bear it. If the weather is forecast to be especially bad and you're versatile enough to change the date by a few days, and it doesn't clash with any of my plans, then I'd be up for doing that. But most likely we'll hit the slopes no matter what. Ruff 'n' tuff!

What I Will Provide

"That way to adventure!"

As your mountain guide I will provide professional leadership, including the following:

Full Planning: Based on what you'd like to do, your fitness and your previous experience I will tailor a route to ensure you get the most out of your day on the mountains. I'll tell you exactly what you need to bring on the day and make sure that everything is organised beforehand.

Expertise: I've been up and down and around Snowdon numerous times. I know the place like the back of my hand and can therefore make sure that we take the best routes for whatever we want to do.

Safety: When I'm responsible for other people I take safety extremely seriously. 99% of staying safe is being aware of potential dangers so that they can be avoided which is where my experience and expertise comes into play. If an incident should happen then I am fully qualified in Mountain and Wilderness First Aid and I carry a variety of safety kit. For anything serious, the heroes at Llanberis Mountain Rescue are only a phone call away.

Entertainment: I tell some funny jokes.

Photos and Video: I'll make sure that you have some excellent pics and video clips of your adventure so you can impress your friends on social media afterwards.

What You Will Provide

Crib Goch is one of those rare mountains which is as good in the mist as it is when it's clear!

This is what I need from you...

Common sense: I will be guiding you all of the way but I won't be holding your hand. You therefore have personal responsibility to look after yourself and not do anything really dumb.

Reasonable Fitness: I'll design the routes based on how fit you say you are and I'll try and push you a bit so that you get the most out of your time on the hills. However please understand that the mountains are big, they're steep, the ground is rough and you'll be carrying a backpack. You need to have a decent level of general fitness to make the most out of them.

A Head For Heights: Mountains are high. If you don't like heights then you probably won't have much fun on a mountain. And some of the ridges are very steep to the side, so you'll need a cool head to go along them. There's nothing particularly dangerous about them if you're sensible, but I've seen people freeze with fear on Crib Goch ridge before. So if you have an irrational fear of heights then you're probably best staying away from there.

Your Own Essential Kit: You MUST have the required kit before we set off up the mountain otherwise I won't be able to lead you. This includes full waterproofs and warm clothing, even if it's a clear and sunny day (view a full list on any of the Guided Adventures that I've listed here). I will make sure you have everything in the lead-up to the day. Don't forget anything!

Your Own Transport: Unless we organise to share vehicles beforehand it is your own responsibility to be at Snowdon (or wherever we agree to meet) at the designated time on the day of the climb.

Your Own Plans For Afterwards: If we're going to spend all day on the mountains then there's a good chance you'll be quite tired by the end and you won't feel like driving home. If this is likely to be the case then it's recommended that you sort out some accommodation beforehand. There's loads of places near by, from campsites to guest houses and youth hostels, so it should be pretty easy.

A Positive Attitude: The wind might blow, the rain might pour, the mist might drop, but whatever happens, it's all good because we're on the mountains and everyone's having a great time. Right? Hell yeah! Whatever happens, it's better than a day in the office!


We will of course make every effort to ensure the adventure hike happens, and on the day we agree for it to happen. However, with life being what it is, there is a possibility that something could drop a spanner in the works resulting in the trip not being possible.

Due to the nature of of the activity I can't offer refunds if you have to cancel. However I will do everything I can to get our hike booked for another day so that you don't miss out.

If the day is unable to happen due to something at my end then I will do my best to re-schedule you for the nearest day that's most convenient for you. If that's definitely unable to happen then I will refund you.

But enough about that! The chances are that everything will go exactly according to plan and we'll have a great day out on the mountains with no problems. Hoorah! :)

If you want to get in touch with me then you could join the forums and send me a Private Message. Or you could go to my Facebook page and send me a message. Or you could email me on dave@iambravedave.com. However you want. It's up to you. I don't even mind. I'm really chilled out like that, you see.