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Bumbling Along Aonach Eagach: The UK's Narrowest Ridge

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17:08 - 26th Aug 2017
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15:09 - 17th Nov 2017

I stormed up Aonach Eagach to check out its famous ridge. I'd not done this mountain before and only knew about it from reading a few things online.

Once I'd got up there was a bit of confusion as the mist had descended and I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I ended up getting to the other end of the whole range before realising that I'd already done the ridge. I went back to do it again from the opposite direction and by that time the mist had lifted which meant I could enjoy the amazing views and the pinnacles; apparently the narrowest ridge in the UK.

This is also the first video where I'm using my new GoPro Hero 5 (except for the first few shots when I'm driving, as that was filmed on the old Hero 2).
10:26 - 6th Sep 2017
Just discovered you on YouTube- and seen the videos in Snowdonia, Canada and now this one. Love the content- inspiring me to explore Snowdonia. Even though I'm relatively close to the range I've never actually explored it. Thinking the Aonach Eagach ridge may be beyond me at mo!
10:54 - 6th Sep 2017
Hi, LongmyndChap! That's great if I've inspired you. Get out there and explore! Make the most of living so close to those mountains. I have to drive about 7 hours to get to them, otherwise I'd be up there every other weekend. And Aonach Eagach isn't so bad (as long as it's dry weather). I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't even realise I'd done the main ridge until afterwards! But yeah, don't do it in rain or high winds :P
8:52 - 27th Sep 2017
I managed to get over to Snowdon yesterday to have an explore- ran up the Pyg track and took a look at Garnedd Ugain! Wanted to gauge Crib Goch which looks awesome. Love the whole place!
21:08 - 3rd Oct 2017
Yeah? Good work! How was it? It's been a bit blustery and wet up Snowdon in the last few weeks. Hope you were kitted out properly for it :)
8:50 - 4th Oct 2017
Yeah I saw your post that you were up there at weekend when somebody had an accident. Just reminds you to take it seriously and carefully. I wasn't too bad- have decent kit and I make sure I take medical/survival basics as well. I'm considering challenging myself with Crib Goch but would only do it with a guide- so perhaps I can call on you?!
15:09 - 17th Nov 2017
Longmyndchap, you can most certainly call on me for a guide up Crib Goch (and everywhere else on the Snowdon Range). Send me an email or PM when you know what you're after :)
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